Qbox visualizes the time evolution of an electron’s wave function for various problems (Potentials). There are multiple tools for constructing the initial wave function to be simulated, making it possible to explore how an electron behaves in a given problem. In addition to simulating the wave function evolution, the steady state solutions to each potential can be explored. Using this app it is possible with the included problems to investigate some quantum mechanical phenomena including: Quantum interference, Quantum tunneling and diffraction of particles.

The time evolution of the wave function is solved by applying the separation of variables method to the time dependent Schrödinger equation. Using separation of variables has the advantage that it provides a reasonable method for hardware acceleration, making it possible to solve the 2D time dependent Schrödinger equation as a real time simulation.


  • multiple problems to choose from
  • view steady state solutions
  • simulate time evolution of wave function


  • particle in a box
  • free space
  • harmonic potential
  • hydrogen atomic orbitals in 2D
  • hydrogen molecular ion in 2D
  • more

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Source code for this app is available under the 3-Clause BSD License at github.com/lsiemens/QBox


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